The Golden Girdle!
Image from Wonder Woman, #31 (June, 1989).

The Golden Girdle is based on the mythological girdle stolen by Heracles as part of his Twelve Labors -- a series of struggles and challenges concerning a penance.

Background Information

Pre-Crisis: Earth-Two / Golden Age

Bestowed by the Goddess Aphrodite, the Magic Girdle lent great strength to Queen Hippolyta, and symbolized her rightful, immortal rule over the Amazon nation. Such was the girdle's power, that Hippolyta and her Amazons remained indomitable even to the great demigod Hercules -- until he stole the girdle through trickery, allowing his armies to conquer and enslave the Amazons.

Though initially furious with Hippolyta for losing the girdle, Aphrodite eventually forgave the Amazon queen, and helped her regain the girdle and overthrow Hercules. Thereafter, the girdle's has remained Hippolyta's, even after the Amazons quit the world of men entirely and built a new society on Paradise Island.

Pre-Crisis: Earth-One / Silver Age

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Pre-Crisis: Earth-1A

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  • Originally created by William Moulton Marston, the Magic Girdle of Aphrodite as an allegory for the power of women's allure, it is based on the mythological girdle obtained by Heracles from Hippolyte as part of his Twelve Labours.
  • It first appeared in All Star Comics, #8 (October 1941).


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