Doctor LeBon
Lucius LeBon (01x15 - The Planet-Splitter)
Real name: Lucius LeRoy LeBon
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-One
Hair: None
Eyes: Brown
Apprentice: Wilbur
Occupation: Scientist
Base: Doctor LeBon's Galaxy Observatory
Voiced/Played:  ?[1]

Doctor Lucius LeBon was a scientist who invented a machine called a Planet-Splitter.

It's purpose was to split a planet in two, but it proved to be a defective piece of machinery.[2]



Lucius LeBon was laughed at by the scientific community, who told him his invention would never work.

Many other people along the way acted in a manner that he viewed as antagonistic against him, constantly being no help to him, as he had a vision to solve the Earth's problems of limited resources.

He intended to split Cygnus-Uno in two, and use his spaceship to bring half of that world to Earth, and mine it for its' resources.

Doctor LeBon assumed this was possible by using a "Planet-Splitter," a device of his own engineering that was powered by diamonds that could in theory split a planet in two.

The only support he got was from his trusted assistant named Wilbur, who encouraged him often even though he knew it would never work. Wilbur had an ulterior motive...he knew that Doctor LeBon had assumed that his machine would only function by powering it with diamonds, and so the plan was to steal a bunch of 100 plus karat diamonds so as to power the device. However once all of the diamonds were stolen and ready to use, Wilbur left with the diamonds, as he had intended to keep them for himself all along.

Humiliated by his double-cross, and even more humiliated that his machine wouldn't have worked anyway, he gave up, and learned his lesson that the Super Friends had taught him.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers




  • Depression: Whether or not his depression was diagnosed medically or not is uncertain, but he did imply that his lack of support and opposition for developing the Planet-Splitter left him frustrated, and he even admitted that when Marvin White and Wendy Harris were speaking against him it was depressing.


Super Friends (TV Series)


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