Luthor saying "Great Lucifer![1]

Lucifer Morningstar was an angel that was banished from Heaven and tossed into Hell.

He later became the Devil, or leader of Hell, a place of firy torment in the Nether World.



Lex Luthor looked through his very own time machine and saw Merlin, and he said: "Great Lucifer."[2]


The New Adventures of Superman

The Adventures of Superboy

Super Friends


Lucifer; in DC Comics, was created by Neil Gaiman and Sam Kieth and made his first DC Comics appearance in Sandman Vol. 2 # 4 (April 1989).


  1. This image depicts Lex Luthor saying "Great Lucifer! It's Merlin!
  2. As seen in Merlin's Magic Marbles.
  3. He is referenced in this episode by Lex Luthor.
  4. A magical image of him can be seen on Warlock's ruby.
  5. Superboy disguises himself as the devil to fool some criminals.
  6. Zan says that the underground caverns where the Earthors live look like a place where the Devil could pop out any second.

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