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SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Loren Jupiter
Mr. Jupiter (TT 35).png
Real name: Loren Jupiter
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Base: New York
Affiliations: Teen Titans

Wealthy philanthropist Loren Jupiter, a friend of Bruce Wayne’s had started a secret training project for teenagers in an effort to help create a better world.

Background Information

In the parallel-universe of Earth-One, after the accidental death of pacifist Arthur Swenson – a death the Teen Titans (Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Speedy) were unable to prevent. Loren had their new friend, Lilith Clay invite them to abandon their superhero guises and join his project. All, but Robin accepted. Robin wanted finish school and devote more time the SuperFriends.[1] The Titans were joined by some old friends who were also present at the death of Arthur Swenson: Hank and Don Hall.[2]

On their first mission, they met Mal Duncan, a street kid from Hells Corner. They were impressed with his boxing skills and asked them to join them in Mr. Jupiter’s training program. Mal then learns the Teen Titans’ secret identities.[3]

After a few years in the training program, the Titans decided to take sometime off from working together, leaving Mal in charge of the Jupiter Labs. Gnarrk, who had lived at the base, apparently accompanied Lilith to California at this time. When the Titans re-grouped two years later, they put back on the costumes and left the training program.


Jupiter Lab’s American Base

Jupiter Labs (TT 35).jpg Jupiter Lab’s American base is filled with all sorts of hi-tech computers and gadgetry such as dimensional monitoring equipment and equipment that that deals with time theory.

Jupiter-Labs Verona, Italy

Jupiter labs (TT 35).png Jupiter-Labs in Verona Italy, is a complete lab complex producing ecological apparatus in Italy. This lab is environmentally friendly with the hopes of keeping Italy beautiful. It runs completely on water, no smog.

Jupiter's Uniforms


Loren did not appear in any episodes of the Superfriends.

Super Friends (comic book)


  • Mr. Jupiter first appeared in Teen Titans, #25 (February, 1970).


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