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Lois Lane
Lois Lane (08x01a - The Bride of Darkseid, Part One) 2.png
Real name: Lois Lane
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Sex: Female
Hair: Dark
Eyes: brown
Relatives: Sam Lane (father)
Ella Lane (mother)
Lucy Lane (sister)
Base: Metropolis
Affiliations: The Daily Planet
Abilities: Investigation, Dancing
Voiced/Played: Shannon Farnon[1]
Mary McDonald Lewis[2]
Edna Mayo[3]
Ginny McSwain[4]

Lois Lane's penthouse apartment.

Star reporter Lois Lane is a close friend of Superman, and Clark Kent's reporting partner at the Daily Planet. She is unaware that Clark and Superman are one and the same man. She is known for being quite a stubborn reporter, taking extremely dangerous risks just to get a story. She is often in over her head, and is needed to be rescued by Superman.

Background Information

On the parallel-universe of Earth-One, a couple named Sam and Ella Lane give birth to their first daughter on their farm in the small, rural community of Pittsdale, Iowa. This girl is named Lois, and when she entered high school, she excelled in all of her studies. During her junior year, a large Metropolis newspaper known as the Daily Planet sponsored a nationwide contest for high school students. Whoever succeeded in submitting the best report would one day be awarded a position with the paper. Lois was selected to participate in the contest and met Clark Kent from Smallville.[5]

Following high school, Lois attended Raleigh College, majoring in journalism. After graduation, she made contact with Perry White, managing editor of the Daily Planet, who kept his promise to Lois and offered her a position as a reporter. In time, Lois became one of the most infamous investigative journalists in the Daily Planet's history.[6]

In one episode where Lex Luthor was imprisoned, Lois Lane was nowhere to be found. Superman then wonders why Luthor is calmly in jail and has a high, feminine voice. When "Luthor" pleads with Superman that he is really Lois Lane, Superman gets the guard to release "Luthor", then uses his heat vision on Luthor's head. Luthor's face melts away to reveal it was really Lois Lane. Lois tells Superman that she was captured by Luthor, and his dimwitted assistant Orville used a "disguise ray" that transformed her into Lex Luthor and the real Lex Luthor into Superman, and that Luthor is committing crimes to disgrace Superman while she would falsely be in jail. Superman uses this information to stop his evil doppelganger.

Powers and Abilities

Super powers



  • Journalism: Ms. Lane is the star reporter of the Daily Planet, often times out-scooping Clark Kent, her partner at the Planet. However it should be noted that when she out-scoops him it's usually because he's busy saving the day as Superman.
  • Basic Hand-to-Hand combat: Lois has extensive combat training: from an early age her father taught her how to fight and how to handle guns and knives; Lois later trained with the Special Crimes Unit and is a Black Belt in at least one form of martial arts.
  • Investigation: Lois also has extensive investigative skills owing to her long career as an investigative reporter. Like she is a reporter, she is skilled in investigating the cases she writes for the Daily Planet.


Season 1 of the Filmation series, The New Adventures of Superman (1966–1967):

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Hanna Barbera’s Super Friends:


  • Lois Lane was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster.
  • She first appeared in Action Comics, Vol.1 #1 (June 1938)[7].

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Appearances in Other Media

Loislane DCAU.jpg Lois Lane Lois was part of a military family as her father, Sam Lane, was actively enlisted in a branch of the military. From the uniform he is seen wearing, it can be inferred that he was in the Air Force. It is also inferred that the family lived on a military base. Lois seems to have had a close relationship with her father based on dialogue in the series. Further, he seems to have trained her in the martial arts as she defended herself directly on at least one occasion and as she said "daddy was a black belt". Lois was not above taking risks to get a story as well as using aggressive tactics to accomplish her goals. She is an an award winning reporter who has traveled a great deal and can be easily classified as the Daily Planet's star reporter. Lois liked to be on top, even if it included regularly beating her fellow reporter Clark Kent to a story.

This incarnation appeared on Superman: The Animated Series (1996-2000) on the WB Network, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited produced for the Cartoon Network from 2001-2006.
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Lane Smallville.jpg Lois Lane Lois is the daughter of General Sam Lane and an unnamed mother. She spent her formative years as an army brat, following her career military father around the world. Her mother died when Lois and her younger sister, Lucy were both very young; Lois was six at the time. Later, Sam sent Lucy to boarding school, while Lois traveled around with him during her youth. She also had a school romance with Wes Keenan, who was also an army brat. Lois Lane is a fledgling journalist working for the Daily Planet and the bold, outspoken, older cousin of Chloe Sullivan. She has worked a variety of jobs over the years: campaign manager for Jonathan Kent when he ran for Kansas State Senator, chief of staff for Martha Kent when she took Jonathan's position in the State Senate, and reporter for the Metropolis Inquisitor. Since living at the Kent Farm for most of what should have been her freshman year of college, Lois has grown quite close to the Kents, even seeing Martha Kent as the mother she never had. Her relationship with Clark Kent is full of teasing that sometimes gets the best of them; however, they also look after each other and offer each other advice. She also dated Oliver Queen for a short, finding out that he is the famous Green Arrow. Lois was the Maid of Honor at Chloe's wedding in November 2008. During the wedding, she started to show her feelings toward Clark and they almost shared a kiss until Lana Lang showed up and interrupted them, leaving Lois devastated.

This version of Lois Lane is based on the Smallville TV series (2001-??) as seen on the CW.
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  1. Shannon Farnon provided the voice of Lois Lane for Season 3 and Season 4.
  2. According to some sources, Mary McDonald Lewis provided the voice of Lois Lane for Season 8.
  3. Edna Mayo provided the voice of Lois Lane in the Portuguese dub of SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show (1984).
  4. Ginny McSwain provided the voice of Lois Lane for the 1988 Superman cartoon.
  5. By this point, Clark had long-since secretly established himself as the hometown hero of Smallville known as Superboy.
  6. Background Information is from Earth-One continuity.
  7. Go to the DC Database for more on Action Comics, Vol.1 #1, published in June of 1938