Logar 1.png
Real name: Logar
Species: Kryptonian
Affiliations: Criminal

Logar (2).png

Logar was a Kryptonian criminal.

He escaped a Kryptonian prison just before Krypton exploded.

He was captured by Superman and put into the Phantom Zone


  • For some reason Logar looks completely different in his second appearance.
  • In Return of the Phantoms, while they are in 1957, the criminals say that in 20 years Superman will put them in the Phantom Zone. This would be 1977. However, in 1978 when they escape from the Phantom Zone in Terror from the Phantom Zone, they say that Superman imprisoned them 15 years before. This date would be around 1963.

Episode Appearances

  1. new SuperFriends (1978): Terror from the Phantom Zone
  2. 1983 Shorts: Return of the Phantoms
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