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Superman (1988)
Superman Family Album
Little Runaway

October 29, 1988  
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Clark finds that life on his own ain't all it's cracked up to be


Clark misses his foster mother

Clark has been having trouble with his parents. His mom has been bossy and his dad demands he gets the cows corralled when Clark wanted to see his friends at a movie. Mr. Kent insists duty calls first. Clark picks up a cow and carries it in the barn, but his dad warns to do it the old-fashioned way, as flying the cows around may spook them and they will stop making milk. By the time Clark is done with his chores, his friends are gone. Clark elects to run away from home, thinking that as a superpowered Kryptonian the world is his oyster anyway. Without his family, Clark is clueless what happens outside the farm. He is sad when he sees picnicking families having a good time together, and then when he hops aboard a freight train, he sees a hobo who said he ran away from home too. Realizing that even with his superpowers, there is much about Earth he does not know, and only a proper childhood will teach him. When he sees how dependent he is on his parents, Clark returns home and works on being a better member of the family.

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