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Little Mermaid
Real name: Ulla Paske
Species: Merfolk / Human hybrid
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Relatives: A Legged-Atlantean (father)
A Fish-Tailed Mermaid of Tritonis (mother)
Base: Denmark
Affiliations: Global Guardians

Global Guardians Team Member

LittleMermaid 1.JPG
LittleMermaid 3.JPG

Ulle Paske's father was a legged Atlantean (like Aquaman) and her mother was a mermaid from Tritonis. Because of a strange affliction, she could only survive underwater for 30 hours at a time.[1] Due to this limitation, Ulla was raised on land in Denmark by adoptive parents. Her mutant abilities allows her to change her legs to a fish tail and back again. She can also fly above the water.

Background Information

Earth-1A Continuity

By her first mission she was helping Aquaman dismantle a bomb in Atlantis.[2] She had joined a group of heroes who would become known as the Global Guardians; eventually serving as their Danish representative.

Earth-One Continuity

When the Guardians were disbanded by the UN, Ulla was brainwashed along with other Guardian members by the Queen Bee of Bialya. During that time, Ulla was seemingly killed by the second Jack O'Lantern; however, she turned up later fighting with the Guardians again, stating that is was her "evil" twin who had died.[3]

Her current status is unknown.

LittleMermaid 2.JPG

Powers and Abilities

  • Ulla can shift between a legged form and a tailed form.
  • Ulla can survive underwater for up to 30 hours.
  • Ulla can fly.


Ulla can only stay underwater for 30 hours at a time.





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