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Animals were a type of life form.[1]

A life form was any living being, such as a plant, algae, animal, fungus and others. A microbe was any type of life form that was microscopic in size.

Life existed on a variety of worlds, such as planets, moons, planetoids, asteroids...among other places. Some life could even live in space, such as the Exxorian space hawk.

Other forms of life were suitable for living underwater, such as fish and seaweed. Organic life forms were carbon-based, although there were also life forms that were not organic that were silicon-based, such as the Earthors and Dryads.

Some of the most intelligent life forms were various humanoid species, which were often smart enough to develop advanced technology, such as spacecraft among other things.

Despite incredible technical wonders that such life forms had created, atomic war was often a common development in such societies. Nuclear weapons which were capable of destroying civilizations were often developed by some life forms, such as humans and Coluans.

Intelligent Life

Intelligent life was any life form that was sentient. Mankind was considered a form of intelligent life, as was Kryptonians, Exxorians and many others. Sentient beings like this were usually referred to as people or persons.

As individuals, a person was usually called a character or individual. Although technically, this term could be used to refer to most life forms, whether intelligent or not.

List of life forms


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