The Lexorians were an alien race from the planet Lexor.

They were a race of humanoids that were indistinguishable from Humans, in fact they were even capable of breeding with Humans.



Lex Luthor, while voyaging through space, came to the world inhabited by the Lexorians.

While he was there, he met a woman by the name of Ardora. The two of them fell in love, and they were married.

Ardora became pregnant and she gave birth to a son named Lex, who was a Human-Lexorian hybrid.

Unfortunately a terrible accident occurred that caused the entire planet Lexor to be destroyed, leading to the extinction of the entire Lexorian race.[1]

Luthor was on the planet, wearing his warsuit at the time the explosion occurred -- because of this, he survived the explosion, as his warsuit protected him from the blast. The rest of the population wasn't as lucky though.

Luthor clung to a chunk of the exploded planet; and made a sculpture of his wife and son out of the rock. He was then rescued by one of Darkseid's Emissaries of Doom, who took him back to Earth, and he never seen his wife and son or any other Lexorian ever again.

Luthor blamed Superman for the death of his wife and son, and the entire Lexorian race. He was so filled with hatred that he couldn't even see passed that enough to realize that it was actually his fault they had all died.[2]

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