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Series 1 – 1984
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Brilliant Evil Scientist

Lex Luthor was once a friend to the young Superman; testing scientific hypotheses and investigating the universe's secrets together. When an experiment backfired and caused the young Luthor to lose all of his hair, he went slightly insane, blaming Superman for the accident and vowing revenge. Turning to a life of crime, Luthor uses his vast intellect to constantly try to defeat the Man of Steel, usually to no avail.

Figure Stats:
Lex Luthor comes with battle armor that has a removable shoulder plate. By squeezing his legs together, Lex does a crazy hand-jive that scares away heroes for miles around.

Long Superman's main nemesis, Lex Luthor has seen many toy incarnations. Usually just a bald guy in a suit, Lex was jazzed up with battle armor specially designed by artist George Perez for the Super Powers line. This was also briefly incorporated into the comics at the time. Lex will get two more figures this year, compliments of both Superman lines.

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Series 1 - 1984

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