Letraset Toys, usually just called Letraset, is a toy and artwork company from Europe that has designed a number of products, including Super Friends products, such as their All Action Transfers.

Super Friends All Action Transfers

  1. Death Express
  2. Bank Raid

    A comic advertisement for Letraset Toys.[2]

  3. Sub Station
  4. High Tension
  5. Hi-jack
  6. Babyface
  7. Dambusters
  8. Hot Air
  9. Depth Charge
  10. Space Shot
  11. The Pit
  12. Prison Break

Super Action Heroes

  1. Look Out Gotham! The Joker's Back in Town!
  2. Superman vs. Brainiac and the Reptillians
  3. Wonder Woman vs. Killer Kreatures
  4. Gold Diggers of Gotham City


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  2. This image was taken from Google.

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