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"Banded together from remote galaxies, thirteen of the most sinister villains of all time - the Legion of Doom!"
— 'SuperFriends, Narrator'

Exclusive to the Earth-1A universe, exists the 'Legion of Doom', an organized body of self-proposed Supervillains. There was not a counterpart to the 'Legion of Doom' in the Earth-One universe. Their origin is depicted in the third season episode of the SuperFriends TV Show, entitled the History of Doom (December 23, 1978).

Although they never seem to get the upper hand on their nemeses, the SuperFriends, they nevertheless quest for evil and the destruction of all that is good.

In each episode that they appeared, the Legion of Doom would enact various plots against the Super Friends, only to be met with defeat by the end of the story. Often, however, they would escape capture through a last-minute escape plan.

Background Information

In the Earth-1A universe, after several years of struggle against superheroes, both individually and collectively, it soon became apparent to Lex Luthor that working together with his fellow villainous cohorts was the only way to enact their sinister plans on an unsuspecting populous. So he assembled twelve supervillains, forming the most powerful and sinister group the world has ever seen.[1]

Not long after their meeing, Sinestro remarked they needed a headquarters. Black Manta suggested the headquarters should be at the bottom of the ocean, while Captain Cold said it should be under the ice of the polar cap, and Grodd said the jungle was the only logical choice. After hearing them all, Luthor proclaimed the headquarters would be located in a swamp hidden beneath its murky waters.[2] The resulting dome-shaped headquarters was called the Hall of Doom and was capable of all sorts of travel.


  • Dream Machine: Allows the user to control the subject when they are dreaming. Luthor programmed the device to not work on the Legion of Doom.[3]
  • Mutation Device: Turns everyone it hits into Bizarros and Cheetahs.[3]
  • Cloaking Device: Can make an entire planet invisible.[4]
  • Interspacial Time Conveyor: Opens a "door" into the past.[5] A variant of this device was incorporated into the Hall of Doom allowing it to travel through time.[6] It is unclear if this device was further modified to allow travel between dimensions or that was another device.[7]
  • Radar Scrambler: makes the user virtually invisible to radar.[8]
  • Androids: robotic duplicates of actual people.[9]
  • Propulsion activator: allows the Hall of Doom to tunnel underground.[10]



  • Crystalizing Ray: turns the person its hit into crystal.[11]
  • Noximum[12]

Legion Members

Legion Members: Past and Present

Reverse-Flash and the rest of the Legion of Doom.[13]

  • Doctor Nataz: Another member of the group was Doctor Nataz. (He was only referenced. He was not depicted on the show or comic book). He invented the noxium crystal, which was deadly to every member of the Superfriends, as it contained trace amounts of their weaknesses in it.
  • Reverse-Flash: He was one of the later recruits to the team. The other thirteen members recruited him.[14]

Legion Headquarters


The Legion of Doom's headquarters is the Hall of Doom, which lies in what can only be Slaughter Swamp.

The Hall of Doom was mobile, lowered below or raised above the swamp water's surface, and often flown through the air via rockets if needed, even remotely controlled. It also had laser defense weapons and at times was altered to time travel to the past or future.[15]

The second incarnation of the Legion of Doom had a Domed Retreat at Hidden Island.[16]




Season 3 (1978):

  1. Wanted: The Superfriends
  2. Invasion of the Fearians
  3. The World's Deadliest Game
  4. The Time Trap
  5. Trial of the Superfriends
  6. Monolith of Evil
  7. The Giants of Doom
  8. Secret Origins of the Superfriends
  9. Revenge on Gorilla City
  10. Swamp of the Living Dead
  11. Conquerors of the Future
  12. The Final Challenge
  13. Fairy Tale of Doom
  14. Doomsday
  15. Superfriends: Rest in Peace
  16. History of Doom

The Legion also appeared in a few Super Friends shorts

Members of the team have solo appearances in later episodes

Lex Luthor appears in:

Brainiac appears in:

NOTE: Brainiac takes up a more robotic form from this appearance to Brainchild matching his current comic counterpart at the time.

Bizarro appears in:

The Riddler appears in:

The Scarecrow appears in:

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Appearances in Other Media

Legion Of Doom (Justice).jpg Legion of Doom The 2006, DC comic miniseries Justice features a version of the Legion of Doom; series plotter/artist Alex Ross is a passionate Super Friends fan. In addition to the thirteen villains featured in the Super Friends cartoon, this version of the Legion counts Black Adam, Metallo, Clayface, Parasite, and Poison Ivy as members. The Joker and Doctor Sivana also make appearances.

Legion of Doom-DCAU.jpg Legion of Doom Legion of Doom was a supervillain organization put together by Gorilla Grodd to counter the expanded Justice League. Grodd brought many of Earth's villains together into a third incarnation of his Secret Society. They would pay a tribute to take care of overhead, and could rely on each other's help. All this had a greater goal, but Grodd was unwilling to reveal it. When the plan was revealed - Grodd wanted to rewrite human DNA into becoming gorillas - Luthor usurped the throne. Luthor also had his own agenda - he wanted to reconstitute Brainiac. Tala eventually released Grodd from captivity, and mounted a large attack on Luthor's camp. In the end, Grodd and Tala were killed, and Luthor won. However, only few survived as Darkseid blew up the spaceship they were in.

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