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Legends of Batman


Legends of Batman was an action figure line that was made by Kenner, who had previously made the highly successful Super Powers Collection from 1984-1986.

History of the toyline

After the Super Powers Collection was discontinued in the mid-eighties, Kenner was eventually purchased by Tonka, however the rights to DC Comics characters went to Toy-Biz, which made an offshoot of the line called DC Comics Super Heroes in 1989. They didn't keep the license for long however, and Kenner got it once again, this time focusing on toys based upon Batman and Swamp Thing; and eventually just Batman alone.

Legends of Batman came about in 1994, when Batman proved to be very popular. This line was used to promote the Elseworlds titles from DC Comics; with toys that were based upon legends of the character. Unfortunately, it wasn't nearly as popular as the other Batman figures that were based on the animated and film versions of the character, and it didn't last long.

Still, it was during this period that Kenner had decided to shift their focus away from Batman and began focusing on Superman - and with that, the Superman: Man of Steel line was born, which in turn directly led to the development of the Total Justice line.

Both Legends of Batman and Superman: Man of Steel were directly related lines, as they both featured trading cards in every packaged figure. These cards were made by SkyBox.


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