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*[[Secret Department of Investigation]]
*[[Secret Department of Investigation]]
*[[Smallville Police Department]]
*[[Smallville Police Department]]
*[[Tracer Department of the Exor Police]]

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A Court of Law, a large part of the Legal system.[1]

A legal system or justice system, is a system set up in just about every government there is. Laws are provided, so as to keep people from doing things that are unlawful, to protect the natives and the country itself. Someone who breaks the law is a criminal, someone who commits a crime.

Decisions regarding the legal system on the planet known as Krypton were made by the Science Council, which was a bureaucratic group that saw science and technology as an important part of their law-making decisions. One such law was that space travel and the construction of space vehicles were outlawed.[2]

When talking about the mess that Doctor Gulliver caused and what he might do to clean it all up; in relation to the people that he had shrunk; he said that he should be able to come up with some way to fix what he had done, but Superman tells him that it's up to the court what he'll have to do.[3]

On Qward, the highest good is evil and justice is a crime.[4]


Legislative and Judicial Bodies

Law enforcement agencies



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