Lafayette French architecture

Lafayette is well known for its' French architecture.

Lafayette is a neighborhood in Metropolis located in Bakerline. It is famous for it's French architecture and culture, in fact many natives of that neighborhood are fluent in French and some learned it as a first language.[1]



The New Adventures of Superman


  1. This is consistent with the mainstream DC Universe as well. Even though the name of the neighborhood was never stated, the fact that the Metropolis police officer spoke with a French accent (although the voice actor was terrible at imitating it) and that there was French architecture present seems to make it obvious that's where it was, even though it was never directly stated. Also, it's proximity to Hampstead, where Toyman's hideout was located, makes it all the more so likely.
  2. This is conjecture based upon the fact that the voice actor who provided his voice tried to sound French, even though he wasn't very good at it. (I suppose it's possible that he wasn't supposed to be French, he could have been Irish but he didn't sound like that either)
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