The City of Kryptonopolis.[1]

Kryptonopolis was a large city on the planet Krypton. It was the birthplace of Kal-El and the hometown of Jor-El and Lara of the House of El. It was the seat of the Science Council.

Kryptonopolis became the capital city of Krypton following the abduction of Krypton's former capital, Kandor by Brainiac.[2]

Background Information

Kryptonopolis was the largest city on Krypton after the capital, Kandor. The history of the city is tied to the history of the El family, the ancestors of Superman, as the original layout was designed by Superman's ancestor, Sul-EL.


Known Inhabitants of Kryptonopolis


Season 1 (1973):

Season 3 (1978):

Lost Episodes (1983):

Superman movie (Kryptonopolis)


In the 1978 film Superman: The Movie, the city that was shown in the first part of the film is named Kryptonopolis in the script. In this appearance, Kryptonopolis is portrayed as being constructed out of a white, crystalline material. As in the comic books, Kryptonopolis is destroyed when the planet Krypton explodes.


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