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The only substance in the universe that can zap (Superman's) strength if he comes within 20 feet of it.

Kryptonite was a radioactive Kryptonian mineral / meteor fragment. It referred to any fragment of the exploded planet Krypton.

Various Types of Kryptonite:

Green Kryptonite

Green Kryptonite (01x02 - The Baffles Puzzle).png Although rare, it was the most common type. It was harmful to natives of the planet Krypton. If one was exposed long enough, they could go into a Kryptonian trance[1] or it will turn their skin green from Kryptonite poisoning, and not long after it could kill them. Typically, by the time the skin was green, it was too late. Villains constantly used Green K as a weapon to defeat Superman. Green K was a key element in Doctor Nataz' Noxium crystal.

Red Kryptonite

Red K.png Although Red K had no fatal effects on Kryptonians, it's effects were still unpredictable. It could give Superman extra arms, or it could even turn him into a child. It could do a ton of other things. Red K is unpredictable, there's no telling what may have happened. But one thing about these unpredictable effects, was that they were only temporary, usually only lasting about a day.

Blue Kryptonite

Blue Kryptonite.png Blue K wasn't harmful to Kryptonians at all, in fact, when injured, it could heal them. However, it's effects on Bizarros (such as Bizarro himself) was deadly. It could be created by using the faulty duplicator that produced Bizarro on Green Kryptonite, although naturally-existing pieces appeared in a few instances.

Gold Kryptonite

Gold Kryptonite.png Gold K was capable of removing a Kryptonian's super powers permanently. There was only one known chunk in existence, and it was transformed into a bowling ball by Firestorm.

White Kryptonite

Whit K.jpg White Kryptonite was harmless to Kryptonians, but was lethal to most if not all plant life.[2]

Brown Kryptonite

Brown Kryptonite.jpg Brown Kryptonite was a type of Kryptonite that was brownish in color. Its' effects on Kryptonians, if any is unknown.[3]

Purple Kryptonite

Purple Kryptonite.jpg Purple Kryptonite was a type of Kryptonite that was purple in color. Like brown Kryptonite, it is unknown if had any effects on Kryptonians or anyone else for that matter.[4]

Krypton Steel

Krypton Steel was another form of Kryptonite, that was also presumably a very rare form. It was basically Krypton's version of the Earth metal known as "steel." It was harmless to Kryptonians, but it was also indestructible to anything except for Superman, or possibly another equally powerful being.[5] Some forms of Krypton steel however, are even indestructible to Superman.[6]

Episode Appearances

The largest known chunk of Kryptonite that ever existed was comparable in size to the entire planet Earth! It even settled into orbit around the sun, becoming a planet itself.

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