Kryptonian crystal[1]

Kryptonian crystals are a type of crystalline substance found on the planet Krypton prior to her destruction.

By definition, such crystals would thus be considered a type of Kryptonite, since they are part of Krypton.[2]

In the comics

Kryptonian crystals serve a huge role for Kryptonians. They are used as advanced technological devices which serve a variety of purposes, such as recording videos, storing computer data, and even storing the memories of someone, and they can be projected as a hologram. In the film Superman Returns, Lex Luthor used Kryptonian crystals to grow a new continent.


  1. As seen in The Menace of the White Dwarf.
  2. The crystals were shown in a flashback and in a video bank picture in The Menace of the White Dwarf. They are never referenced, just shown.

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