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Earth-Two dimension (and Earth-2A) Kryptonians' bodies had advanced to the point were they are able to produce these energies for effect on their home planet in the red sun system which was very different from their Kryptonian counterparts in other dimensions.

Earth-Two dimensional Kryptonians naturally produce and maintain these power levels regardless of being in a yellow or red sun system. It is part of their physiological make-up.

Originally the level of power that Earth-Two Krytonians had in comparison to other dimensional Kryptonians were far lower than those of other dimensions such as the Earth-One dimension. However some Earth-Two dimension Kryptonians have advanced to higher levels but are usually far less than those of their other dimensions, Earth-One counterparts, such as Kal-El and Kara Zor-El.

Known Earth-2A Kryptonians

Powers and Abilities

Kryptonian Physiology


  • Magic
  • Kryptonite
  • Other-Dimensional Kryptonians
  • Lead: Kal-L could not see through lead with his vision powers.
  • Bio Energy
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