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Krypton Two Explodes (Showcase 97)

The last moments of Krypton Two.[1]

Krypton is a planet in the Earth-2A reality that parallels the Krypton from Earth-1A.

There are some differences though. On this Krypton, the Kryptonian race are already considered an advanced society of "supermen." Whose mental and physical capabilities are far beyond those of humans even under a red sun.[2]

Krypton is described as "[Burning] like a green star in the distant heavens."


There came a time when massive quakes threatened all life on Krypton. One scientist sensed that Krypton was doomed, and so he placed his son in rocket and sent it to earth, but he is destroyed along with the rest of Krypton, which explodes.

Known Natives


  1. Image from Showcase, #97 (February, 1978).
  2. On the Krypton residing in the Earth-1A universe, Kryptonians only possess super powers under a yellow sun. This has raised the question, if the Earth-2A Kryptonians were all supermen even when under a red sun, why didn't they survive Krypton's destruction? One possible answer is that the explosion had Kryptonite radiation, which would be poisonous to any native of the planet.
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