Real name: Kru-El
Species: Kryptonian
Homeworld: Krypton
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Relatives: House of El
Base: Phantom Zone
Affiliations: Phantom Zone criminals
Abilities: Under a yellow sun he has all of Superman's powers
Voiced/Played: N/A

Kru-El is the second-cousin of Kal-El. Kru-El was born on Krypton, but when he was at adult or late teen age, he committed a terrible crime, and Kru-El was sentenced to the Phantom Zone, where he resided.


Kru-El only appeared in one of the Super Friends puzzles, which was the artwork of José Luis García-López for the Super Powers Collection line of products, and he didn't appear in the actual series.


Kru-El made his first appearance in Action Comics # 297 (February 1963).[2]

Powers and Abilities


  1. The image is taken from a Super Powers puzzle.
  2. Click here to read more about that comic book.
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