Lara giving her son a Kiss.[1]

Kiss Penny Plas

Plas giving Penny a Kiss.[2]

Wonder Woman kisses Firestorm

Wonder Woman "smooching" Firestorm.[3]

A kiss was a gesture of love and affection that involved touching one's mouth to someone or something else.

This practice was common on multiple planets across the Milky Way Galaxy, and possibly even beyond. It was especially common between people that were in a close relationship with each other, such as husbands and wives or parents and children.



When Kal-El was about to blast off in the Kryptonian Rocket, Lara kissed him twice before closing the hatch and setting him free into space, where he would eventually land on Earth.[4]

When Firestorm saved the day, Wonder Woman kissed him on his face. His reaction was one of surprise and embarrassment.[5]

Circa 1988, at Superman's funeral; Lois Lane kissed what she thought was the deceased Man of Steel in his coffin, but he was actually in a Kryptonian trance.[6]

Make-Out Mountain was so named due to the fact that it was a popular spot for teenagers to "make-out" at. The term "making-out" usually referred to lots of open-mouth tongue kissing, especially heavy kissing on the neck.[7]


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