King Kong
Real name: Kong
AKA: The Eighth Wonder of the World
Species: Gorilla
Homeworld: Earth
Hair: brown
Height: 24'0
Weight: 20-60 tons
Occupation: King of Skull Island

King Kong was the name of a monster/adventure movie starring a giant gorilla of the same name.

The film was released on March 2, 1933.[1]

It starred Fay Wray as Ann Darrow. It also starred Bruce Cabot.[2]



Gigantic was a giant circus gorilla that was very similar to King Kong. He was one of the attractions at a circus that was showing in Metropolis.

His cage was accidentally opened by a monkey and it went on a rampage on the midway, and since Clark Kent and Lois Lane were already there reporting a story for the Daily Planet; this event attracted the attention of his alter-ego, the superhero known as Superman.

He confronts the gorilla and engages against it in Hand-to-Hand combat. He then uses one of the safety nets used by the trapeze artists so as to tie him up.[3]

Circa 1981, when Superman first met Ultra-Humanite in his "ape form," he referred to him as "Kong."[4]


In the early 1980s, there was a King Kong movie poster hanging on a wall at the Nostalgia Convention that Linda Danvers took her school kids to from New Athens.[5]

In 1980, sometimes the Make-Up Man used his makeup to transform himself into King Kong.[6]

In 1984, a stuffed toy of King Kong, or a similar looking gorilla, could be seen in the Dollmaker's hideout which was called Big Shott's Toy World.[7]

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