Killer Croc
Killer Croc.jpg
Real name: Waylon Jones
AKA: Croc
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Base: Gotham City
Voiced/Played: N/A

Killer Croc is a supervillain from Gotham City well known for his monstrous crocodile appearance. He is one of Arkham Asylum's most dangerous inmates and also one of Batman's most fearsome foes.

Powers and Abilities

Super powers

  • Regressive Atavism: Killer Croc is afflicted with what seems to be some form of regressive atavism, meaning he has inherited some of the traits of ancestral species of the human race. Over time the primal reptilian part of his brain gains more control of his psyche.


DC Super Friends


Killer Croc made his first appearance in Batman # 357 (March 1983).[1]


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