The Kherubim/Daemonite War, a Kherubim warship battling a Daemonite warship which results in both of them crashing into Earth.[1]

The Kherubim/Daemonite War is a conflict that has been going on between the two races for thousands of years. It all began when the Kherubim revolted against the Daemonites, who were ruthless rulers of the Milky Way Galaxy at the time. The conflict continues even on up into the 1990s, where Daemonites have taken possession of humans as host bodies, and the Kherubim and their descendants have formed a team called the Wildcats to eliminate the Daemonite threat, before they take over the earth. The war seemed to have ended in 1995 with the death of Lord Helspont, the leader of the Daemonite military force on earth.[2]



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  2. As seen in The End Game, Part Two. But it should be noted that Helspont was probably supposed to have survived, but since there never was a second season we can only assume he didn't.
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