The Kherubim are an alien race that have played a crucial role in the Kherubim/Daemonite War as long as the conflict has existed. They are generally thought of as a race of noble warriors that refuse to allow evil control the galaxy, which is why they have fought hard against the Daemonites, who once ruled the galaxy.


The Kherubim, or Kherans, orginated on the planet Khera.

Physical appearance

They look the same as humans for the most part, but they generally possess far greater strength, stamina and speed. Many Kherubim have special powers. They are also long-lived. They have a life-span of several thousand years and perhaps even more. They are nearly immortal.

Kherubim Lords

Kherubim Lords have even greater power than other Kherubim. They are often viewed as leaders among their people, and they are referred to as The Pantheon, similar to gods of Greece and Rome, although the Kherubim claim to worship no gods.


The Kherubim shared their homeworld with another species that presumably also originated on Khera. They were called the Titanthropes, a race with tusks on there backs that could enlarge themselves.

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