Kent Family[1]

The Kent Family was a family from Smallville.

Jonathan Kent was the husband of Martha Kent, of the Clark Family.[2]

Their adopted son was Kal-El of Krypton, whom they named Clark Kent, after Martha's family.[3]


One day the Kents, then consisting of only Jonathan and Martha, were driving on a Kansas road in their red truck, in the Smallville countryside. They see a small rocket ship fall from space and crash to the ground.

Approaching the downed spacecraft, they hear the sound of a baby crying. The hatch of the vehicle had apparently sprung open from the impact, but the child was unharmed.

The load the spaceship in the bed of their pickup truck, and they get in the cab of the truck and drive toward town, where they take the child to an orphanage. They do express interest in adopting the boy but Director Warner tells them they have to do a background check first.

The Kent house received a telephone call not long later and Martha answers the phone, surprised the background check was already finished. She is then told she can have the child.

They return to the Smallville Orphanage and pick him up, they then name the child Clark Kent, after Martha's family.[4]

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  • Kent Farm: This farm was located somewhere not far from Smallville. Their house was a modest sized house. They lived there mostly in the early 1940s. Around 1955, Jonathan Kent sold his farm to become a grocer at the Kent's General Store, they acquired a house in town at this point,[6] By 1957 or so, Jonathan Kent presumably made enough money to purchase the farm back, which they are moved back in once again at this point. Jonathan and Martha still lived on this farm in the late 1980s.


  • The Kent Family first appeared in Superman # 1 (June 1939).[7]


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