Karna is the third planet in the Vega star system.


Karna is a warm, humid planet of swamps and jungles alive with intensively competitive forms of plant and animal life, many of which are carnivorous. Karna is home to three dominant life forms, although it is unlikely that any of them are native to the planet. They are the SSlithiss, a race of sea squid-like beings who, although possessing superior mental abilities, have elected to remain at a level barely above those of other predators in the Karnan oceans. The Gordanians comprise a race of reptile-like sentient beings who evolved into a fierce race of slavers. Once the Gordanians became space faring, they brought slavery to other worlds as well. Karna is also home to the Karnan Felines, which are members of a race of bipedal cat-like humanoids with a ferocious appetite for warfare.[2]

Indigenous species


Karna first appeared in Omega Men #14 (May 1984).[3]


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