Journey Through Inner Space

December 16, 1978
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Guest starring
Black Vulcan (originally going to be used in place of Aquaman)


Journey Through Inner Space is an episode of Season 3a.


Aquaman's a shark creature thanks to radiation. Superman and Wonder Woman go inside Aquaman's body. No, not in that way, you dolt! They wanna deliver MORE radiation to his brain, the two idiots they are, so they can bring him back to normal! They travel in the Supermobile through Aquaman's veins from his leg up to his brain. Not for the squeamish or people who wish Black Vulcan was used like he originally was! Meanwhile, Batman and Robin and the Wonder Twins try to prevent Shark!Aquaman from going on a rampage! HEY, THIS SOUNDS SIMILAR TO AN EPISODE OF TEEN TITANS!


  • This episode was originally going to feature Superman and Wonder Woman traveling inside Black Vulcan. But due to the fact a shark creature was involved, the episode was revised so Aquaman was the patient instead.
    • If Black Vulcan had been used, not only would he have been the only Super Friend to make a guest appearance in these episodes, the episode would've been similar to the Teen Titans episode "Crash," which aired 26 years later in 2004. (Cyborg was the patient in that episode)
  • It's said Aquaman evolved from a prehistoric type of fish.
  • The title is similar to the defunct Disneyland ride "Adventures Thru Inner Space."
  • This episode is similar to the Iron Man cartoon episode "Iron Man, on the Inside." One can spot the similarities between the patients used (Aquaman and Hawkeye) as well.

Episode aired with

Superfriends: Rest in Peace

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