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Series 1 – 1984
17 Joker

Clown Prince of Crime

Not much is known about the beginnings of the criminal fiend known as the Joker. Some say he was a failed comedian, some say he was a petty thief. What is known is that he was somehow mixed up with the Red Hood mob, and during a robbery masquerading as the Red Hood fell into a vat of chemicals while evading the batman. These chemicals permanently disfigured the Joker by changing his skin color to bone white and his hair to green. This drove the Joker insane; he has since committed crimes and killed on the twisted whims of his addled mind.

Figure Stats:
While missing his hat, the Joker is a spitting image of the comic character. He comes with a large green mallet, and by squeezing his legs he'll cold-cock with said mallet whoever is in front of him. The mallet is actually one of the nicest accessories ever to be packaged with a figure. It is a great caricature of the Joker's face and his nose is the handle! It can also be placed over his head like a mask.

The chief thorn in Batman's side, the Joker is one villain who is almost always included wherever the batman is found. This is the closest to a perfect representation that has been made of the comic design. The mold has been reused for the DC Heroes line from Toy Biz, the Dark Knight Collection Joker, and the World of Batman figure (with a new head).

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Series 1 - 1984

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