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The Joker's Playing Cards are the Joker's main weapons.


  1. The first type can explode and emmit knock-out gas.
  2. The second type can spray sneezing powder/tear gas.
  3. The third type can spray knock-out/chocking gas.
  4. The fourth type can enlarge into a flying card.
  5. The fifth type can shoot a telekinetic bolt.
  6. The sixth type can shoot a bolt which allows the Joker to phase through walls.
  7. The seventh type can shoot a lightning bolt which can magnetise objects.
  8. The eighth type can wrap an object.


Adventures of Batman

  1. In "How Many Herring in a Wheelbarrow", the Joker uses the first type of playing card to knock-out a guard.
  2. In "It Takes Two To Make A Team", the Joker uses the second type of playing card to escape Robin and the third type of playing card to knock-out the Riddler.

The Super Powers Team Galactic Guardians "The Wild Cards"

  1. The Joker uses the fourth type of playing card for various purposes.
  2. The Joker uses the fifth type of playing card to hold the Royal Flush Gang up while he throws the flying card underneath them.
  3. The Joker uses the sixth type of playing card to phase through a wall to Darkseid's chamber.
  4. The Joker uses the seventh type of playing card to magnetise Cyborg.
  5. The Joker uses the eight type of playing card to wrap up Cyborg.
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