Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo
Real name: Johnny Bravo
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Looneyverse
Hair: blond
Eyes: Unknown, he wears shades
Base: Aron City
Voiced/Played: Jeff Bennett

Johnny Bravo was a manly blond man that had a voice like Elvis that was constantly trying to hook up with women; although he was usually quite unsuccessful in his attempts, likely due to his over-the-top womanizing techniques.



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Once when he was under the influence of Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth he admitted that he was not a real blond. Although he at first tried to lie about this; saying that his chest hair was blond, but he is quickly overpowered by the magic lasso which forces him to be truthful; and he quickly and shamefully admits: "Not really."[1]

Powers and Abilities

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  1. As seen in Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth (1998).

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