Jesus Christ
Real name: Jesus
AKA: The Lord
Species: Angel
Universe: Earth-1A
Relatives: God (father); Saint Mary (human mother)
Occupation: King of God's Kingdom
Base: Silver City, Heaven
Affiliations: God's Kingdom

Jesus Christ was the son of God, an angel who took the form of a human, and the principle figure of Christianity.

Most sources indicate that Jesus was born as an human in Bethlehem, Israel between the years 3 BC and 1 AD. His birthday, which is called Christmas, is generally celebrated on December 25, although Biblical sources indicate that date to be false.

It is generally believed that Jesus Christ was killed in Judea circa 33 AD.

The word "Jeepers," often used by Wendy Harris, is a word often used by a person who is expressing surprise about something. The word is actually a euphemism of Jesus Christ. Also, the word Gee, is a word that is short for Jesus.



When the Super Friends were about to go to Haunted Hills to the golf course there, Wendy tells them: "Jeepers, it's gonna be fun caddying for you!"[1]

When faced with the dilemma of trying to learn who Roy La Post is, Wendy asks: "Jeepers, what do we do, give up?"[2]

When Polly Lean disappeared from the Justice League Laboratory, Wendy Harris said: "Jeepers, she was here a minute ago."[3]

While bike riding in Haunted Hills Forest, Wendy Harris sees a FRERP Ferris Wheel. She then says: "Jeepers, who'd build a ferris wheel in a forest?"[4]

After the incident with the Raven, Wendy Harris said; "Gee, we're sure lucky everything turned out so well."[5]

When Wendy and Marvin forgot to show Batman and Robin what they thought were giant chicken tracks at a roadside clearing in Cave County, Wendy says: Jeepers, we should have shown you when you were there!"[6]

When Wendy and Marvin went into what they initially thought was Min & Max Trucking Co., Inc., Wendy said: "Jeepers, this isn't a truck garage."[7]

Powers and Abilities

Super powers

  • Healing factor: Although he has never used his God-given healing powers to heal himself, he has used them on others, such as the sick and the lame, such as lepers and blind men.
  • Molecular Reconstruction: Jesus has demonstrated the ability to alter matter when he changed water into wine.

Jesus also had a variety of other miraculous powers, such as walking on water.


Jesus Christ made his first appearance in Arak # 7 (March 1982).[8]


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