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Real name: Jax-Ur
Species: Kryptonian
Homeworld: Krypton
Universe: Earth-One

Jax-Ur was a scientist from the planet Krypton.



In 1922, Jax-Ur and his team of scientists constructed space arks with the purpose of exiling the Science Council in outer space.[1] As a result, they were sent into the Phantom Zone by Jor-El.[2]

In Superman's Black Mercy-induced dream, the Anti-Phantom Zone Campaigners demanded the release of Jax-Ur from the Phantom Zone, as they viewed the Phantom Zone Ray as an instrument of torture.[3]

Background Information

In the parallel-universe of Earth-1A, shortly before the destruction of Krypton, a team of unnamed scientists (presumably Jax-Ur, etal) were sent to the Phantom Zone when they attempted to strand the Science Council in outer space. His crime led to a new law being developed that would make space travel illegal.[4]


In the parallel-universe of Earth-One, the mad-scientist Jax-Ur, was sentenced to the Phantom Zone fro destroying an inhabited Kryptonian Moon during an experiment.[5]


  • Jax-Ur made his first appearance in Adventure Comics, #289 (October 1961).
  • He was created by Otto Binder and George Papp.


SuperFriends TV Show (1973-85):

Super Friends books


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