Von Knowalot illustrates the concept of centrifugal force to the Super Friends, a concept of the laws of motion, as discovered by Isaac Newton.[1]

Isaac Newton (25 December 164220 March 1727) was an English physicist and mathematician, one of the most influential scientists that ever lived. He is well-known for his writings on The Laws of Motion and the laws of gravity.

When Marvin and Wonder Dog jumped onto a swimming pool of ice, they were unable to get out because they kept slipping and falling. Marvin then explains to his dog that with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, he then grabbed Wonder Dog's paws and told him to push while he did the same, they were able to spring themselves out of the pool, thanks to something he had learned that was written by Isaac Newton.[2]

Von Knowalot illustrated the concept of centrifugal force to the JLA, explaining to them that it's that force, combined with gravity, in a delicate balance that keeps the Earth in its' natural orbit. This concept of course was postulated by Newton as well.[3]

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  • Physics: Newton was an expert physicist, best known for his postulation of the three laws of motion and the laws of gravity.
  • Mathematics: Newton was also an incredible mathematician. Known for his written works on the subject.
  • Religion: As a biblical scholar, he was well versed in the subject of religion, and he even had rejected some of the teachings of contemporary Christianity, which his studies of the Bible indicated were false.


Isaac Newton made his first appearance in Real Fact Comics # 14 (May 1948).[4]


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