Bat-Mite plays dress-up as a Detective[1]

Investigation is a skill a person uses when solving crimes or other mysteries. Deducing solutions to mysteries is not always easy, and it takes careful observations at the scenes of crimes, and in other matters. Forensic science is involved in such detection. One studies crime scenes, and runs tests on things found at crime scenes in crime labs at police headquarters. Police scientist Barry Allen uses his crime lab in Central City for such tasks, while Batman often uses the Batcomputer in his Bat-Cave for such tasks. In fact, in modern times, Batman is referred to as the World's Greatest Detective, whereas Sherlock Holmes would be considered as such for the 19th century and before. Law Enforcement officers such as Police detectives are are detectives by occupation, also investigative reporters, such as Clark Kent and Lois Lane also often engage in detective work, so as to get to the bottom of a story and report it in their newspaper.

When the Super Friends learn that one of the County Museum of Art's precious stones was stolen, Superman asks Batman and Robin to join him to investigate.[2]

List of investigators


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