Interlac (SuperFriends 10)


Interlac was an intergalactic language.

Continuity from SuperFriends Comic Book

All the SuperFriends spoke it so they could understand the language of visiting and/or invading extraterrestrials.

Zan, Jayna, Professor Nichols, Wendy Harris and Marvin White were also able to speak it.

The Green Lantern from the so-called Justice League of Another Planet was also able to communicate in this language.


Interlac Landscape

Interlac font table


  • The first reference to Interlac was from writer Jim Shooter in Adventure Comics, vol. 1 #379 (March, 1969).[2]
  • At its initial inception it was known as the intergalactic universal language of the 30th century for the United Planets.
  • The Interlac alphabet was codified years later by writer Paul Levitz and artist Keith Giffen in Legion of Super-Heroes, vol. 2 #312 (June 1984).[3]


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