Twisty, who most likely suffers from some sort of intellectual disability.[1]

You go first and follow me, but don't try any tricks! I'm not as dumb as I really am!

Intellectual disability is a mental illness that impairs a person's intellect, by slowing one's learning abilities.

Types of intellectual disabilities include Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, Rett Syndrome, Wolf-Hirschorn disorder, chromosome deletion, and gangliosidosis. Depending on the severity, the victim may not be able to walk, talk, or live independently

In the past, the word idiot was used to describe a person with such a disability, although such words are considered derogatory in modern times and are more often used as insults.

The Scarecrow once called one of his Strawmen an idiot, when telling him that he could tell that Batman was afraid of Crime Alley.[2]

People who suffer from intellectual disabilities


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