An imp.[1]

Imps were a race of extradimensional beings, who had magical or magic-like powers.

Considering they were capable of travelling from one dimension to another, it is difficult to determine what was the home dimension (let alone homeworld) of the imps, but they were known to exist in dimensions higher than the 3rd dimension, such as both the 4th and the 5th dimensions. Whether or not any lived in the 6th dimension or beyond is unknown, but they were definitely a rare sight in the 3rd Dimension, where they were generally viewed as supernatural creatures from legends and fairy tales.

One race of imps were known as the Ergonians, which were natives of the planet Ergo in the fourth dimension. This was Bat-Mite's homeworld.

Another race of imps resided on the planet Zrfff, which was located in the fifth dimension. This was the homeworld of Mr. Mxyzptlk. Genies and Water Sprites were also races of imps from the fifth dimension.

Known imps


  1. As seen on the card from the DC Heroes role-playing game.

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