The Immortal Guardians of the Universe.

Someone who possesses Immortality is incapable of being killed. This also means that they can live much longer than their normal life span, since they can't die, they live forever. The word "Immortality" is often used to apply to people who have everlasting life. This is not entirely accurate however, since someone with the ability to live forever could still be killed by means other than the passing of time. Nevertheless, the term is used to apply to both people who have the ability to live forever, and those who cannot die.

It should also be noted that at times, the term is also used synonymously with longevity, which refers to someone with an incredibly long life-span. This could include characters such as Ra's al Ghul or any Kherubim. That doesn't mean they can live forever, but they can live for thousands and possibly even millions of years, which means although they are not truly immortal, by an average person's standards, they are.

Someone who is trapped within the Phantom Zone can also be considered immortal, at least while they are in the zone, because within the Phantom Zone, time has no meaning, as a thousand years can pass but one inside the zone wouldn't age a day.

Characters who are immortal

Species that are immortal

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