Green Fury using her ability of Illusion Casting.[1]

Illusion Casting was a super power that allowed one to cast illusions on another person, giving them the impression that they were seeing or hearing something that was not really there.

The power may not have worked on everyone though, as some characters with psychic abilities may have been able to see through the illusions.

Certain characters such as the Monkey King, was able to project fear into another person, which often created illusions relating to a person's worst fear. The Scarecrow was also able to do this with his Fear transmitter, although it wasn't a super power of his, as he needed his technology to make it work.

Despite the fact that such things were merely hallucinations, they could at times seem so real that if a person only believed that he was killed, then it could have certainly been a fatal assault.


  1. As seen in a Super Friends comic (issue unknown).

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