SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Illik (Super Friends 14)
Real name: Illik
AKA: The Laughmaker
Species: Unknown
Exorian (presumed)
Homeworld: Unknown
Exor (presumed)
Universe: Earth-1A
Occupation: Circus Worker
Base: Circus

Illik is a carnival worker at the Trans-World Carnival. He was also a mentor and teacher to Zan and Jayna when they were in the care of the circus.

Background Information

In the parallel universe of Earth-1A, while all the circus-performers had a hand in Zan and Jayna's teaching, their primary teacher was Illik, one of the carnival workers. He became like a surrogate-father to them. To teach them responsibility, he had them take care of one circus monkey’s they called Gleek. As the twins grew into adolescence, they became disenfranchised over the fact that they received nothing monetary from Dentwil aside from food and shelter. When they approached Dentwil, he reminded them that he owned them till they were 20 years old and that he would do no such thing. Finally, the twins had enough and they used their shape-changing power to cause fear in the circus' patrons and to coerce Dentwil into relinquishing his hold over them. In fear of being mauled, he told them to go, so they took one of his personal space cruiser before he could change his mind. The Twins eventually made their way to Earth.[1]

About a year later, Illik finds the twins on Earth with the Exxorian High Counselor Ulpar. Although he is happy to see them, he comes with a warning. Two Exxorian shape-shifters, Yeltu and Fegla, who were originally part of the Tracer Department of the Exor Police sent to find the twins have gone rogue, committing all sorts of crimes. They came asking for the Wonder Twins and the SuperFriends help. The SuperFriends decide to go to Exor to help defeat these criminals. After a long battle, they defeat the criminal shape-shifters. The High Counselor then delivers a message to Zan and Jayna. He tells them that the Grand Rulers have declared them free of their obligations to Dentwil and they may return to Earth if they choose. Illik chimes in too, telling the twins that even though Gleek belongs to the Trans-World Circus, he would be better off with them.[2]



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