Filmation Character
AKA: The Abominable Iceman
Species: Unknown
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: none
Eyes: blue
Base: Frozen asteroid
Affiliations: Unknown
Abilities: able to freeze objects with his ice powers

The abominable Iceman was a monster of made of ice, who was apparently trying to transform Earth into a frozen wasteland so that he could have a more suitable environment, since he is a frozen man. He started by freezing Hawaii, but he had planned on freezing the rest of earth with an ice bomb, until Superman stopped him, and flew him up to an asteroid in outer space for him to live on, which he allowed to be frozen by the ice bomb.

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers



  • Mute: The iceman couldn't communicate verbally. It is unknown if this was due to some sort of disorder of his own, or if his entire species were physiologically incapable of speech. One other possibility was that the Iceman could talk, but refused to, possibly because he couldn't speak any human languages.


  • The episode didn't reveal if there were any other Icemen on Earth, so it's possible that he was the last of his kind.
  • "Iceman" is also the name of a Mega Man character and a character from Marvel Comics' X-Men series.


The New Adventures of Superman

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