Raven, an Azarathian/Demon hybrid.[1]

A hybrid was typically the offspring of two distinct species.

For example, if a Talokite[2] male were to have sexual relations with a New God[3] female and got her pregnant, assuming of course they are biologically compatible, then the infant the New God female gives birth to would be a new hybrid species, half Talokite, half New God.[4]

It would then likely take on the traits of both parents. Assuming that the New God female is white, then the hybrid baby would likely be blue, but not as dark of a shade of blue as is typical for Talokites. The child would also probably develop incredible strength and longevity, because of its' New God genes. However, due to only being half New God, the hybrid would not necessarily have an eternal life span, but the hybrid would still likely live far longer than the average Talokite.[5]

The term "hybrid" can also refer to anyone who has the DNA of two separate species, despite the species of their parents. This refers to certain characters that were altered through biogenetic engineering or some other sort of incident that caused them to mutate into a hybrid.

As an example, although Kon-El is a clone and has no mother, he too would be considered a hybrid because he is half human and half Kryptonian. In a sense he has two fathers, one which is Superman, and the other is Lex Luthor.[6]

Kirk Langstrom can also be considered a hybrid, since he was the result of a scientific experiment in genetics that introduced bat DNA into his bloodstream, therefore making him half man-half bat; or a Man-Bat.

On the planet known as Eternia, He-Man was born to his Eternian father King Randor, and his human mother Queen Marlena.[7]

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