Ruby-Spears Character
Species: Hunter[1]
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: none
Eyes: red
Base: Phantom Zone
Affiliations: General Zod's team
Abilities: All of Superman's powers, and the ability to become whatever he absorbs

The Hunter was a powerful being created by Zod, Faora and Ursa to destroy Superman and release them from the Phantom Zone.

He had the ability to absorb anything he touched. He nearly killed Superman when he absorbed Green Kryptonite. But Superman puts himself in a Kryptonian trance, and he returns to battle him again. The creature destroys himself when he fires a blast of electricity at Superman and it is deflected back to him by a satellite dish.

Powers and Abilities

Super powers


  • Hunting: He is a skilled hunter.
  • Tracking: As with most skilled hunters, his tracking abilities are most noteworthy.
  • Advanced Hand-to-Hand combat: He was able to hold his own in hand-to-hand combat against Superman, who himself is a fairly skilled fighter.


  • Power Limitation: His power is limited by what he absorbs. If he absorbs matter that is significantly weak, such as glass, then he too will become weak like glass, and easily shattered.


Superman (TV series) (1988):


  1. He is the only one of his kind, as he was created by Ursa.

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