Hunger Dogs
Hunger Dogs (09x01 - The Seeds of Doom)
AKA: The Lowlies
Species: New Gods
Homeworld: Apokolips
Universe: Fourth World
Voiced/Played: N/A

The Hunger Dogs represented the absolute dregs of the New Gods. A collection of impoverished citizens, they dwelt in the "Armagetto" district of Apokolips.

They served in the lowest position as slaves of Darkseid.

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers

  • Immortality: The Hunger Dogs belonged to the New Gods species, and as such, they possessed the same longevity as other members of their species, however, due to their harsh living conditions, on the streets of Armagetto, they very seldom lived as long as the more fortunate members of their species.


  • Manual Labor: They were subjects of slave labor, and as such they possessed the skills to perform such manual tasks.


  • Loyalty: Their loyalty to their master, Darkseid assured them that they would live in terrible conditions. This was something they did not mind however, and they refused to be freed from the bondage of slavery, because they felt that they were destined to serve in that role, and they considered it an honor.


The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians (1985):

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