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An internal scan of a Humanoid.[1]

A Humanoid was usually a type of bipedal animal lifeform; usually with five fingers and toes; a head with a brain; and usually two arms and two legs, but sometimes more. A robot that was shaped like a Humanoid was called an android, although this term was also sometimes used to describe any robot that resembled any form of animal life.[2]

Most Humanoids were warm-blooded mammals, although this wasn't a rule, as some species also had reptilian traits, such as Argan's species and the Psions. There were also some Humanoid species that were biologically avian and amphibian.

Some Humanoids, such as Kryptonians, Rannians, Thanagarians, Orion Outlaws and many others; were outwardly identical to Humans, possibly suggesting common ancestry. Still others, such as Tamaraneans and Ungarans; looked quite different, as their skin color or other features were quite different from that of normal Humans.

List of Humanoid species

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  1. As seen in The Recruiter.
  2. For example, the robot of Wonder Dog was also referred to as an android.

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