Sinestro riding on a Horse[2]

Horse on Bizarro World

Horses rode people on Bizarro World.[3]

A horse was a type of quadruped animal that was a warm blooded mammal. Most species of horses were large enough for a human to ride, and horseback riding was one of the most common forms of human transportation, aside from motor vehicles. Horses were used for the game known as polo.

Toy horses made of wood with rocking chair legs were called Rocking Horses.

Generally, it was believed that horses originated on Earth, however, as there seemed to be many types of horses all over the Milky Way Galaxy and likely beyond, even before humanity had general knowledge of interstellar spaceflight; this belief is contestable.

Horses were common on the planet known as Camelon, and their were also robotic horses on the planet Texicana. This indicates that horses were deposited on a variety of different planets by some unknown alien race, likely the Olympian Gods or New Gods; or some other race that had interstellar transportation long before humans did.

This might also explain why so many humanoid aliens on other planets were identical to Earth humans -- as they were likely related.

Another possibility was that the Atlanteans colonized other worlds prior to their ancient civilization sinking beneath the ocean. It's not unlikely that they would have brought horses and other animals along for the ride.

Still, the true origins of horses remains a mystery, and it is possible that the other horses from other worlds were just similar species that happened to be called horses as well -- not likely though, as that would be a huge coincidence.



Penguin once attempted to steal a replica of the Trojan Horse, but he was stopped by Batman and Robin.[4]

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