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Books within the genre of horror fiction.[1]

Frankenstein vs. She Wolf

An example of a film that belongs to the genre of horror fiction.[2]


The Break In, a horror film.[3]

Horror fiction was a genre of fiction common in literature and film. Most horror story plots dealt with monsters such as vampires, ghosts, mummies, witches, hobgoblins, demons, aliens or other science-fiction or fantasy related characters that were intended to horrify or bring a sense of dread to the one reading the book or watching the movie.

It should be noted however, that although all horror stories were intentionally meant to be scary, not all horror stories were about monsters or undead creatures. Some horror stories were just about frightening things that happen. For example, The Break In was about a man in a mask that apparently broke into someone's home.[4]

Works of horror fiction

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Note that everything in this article beyond this point is written from the real world perspective.

There were multiple episodes of the Super Friends and related shows that were actually written as horror stories, or had elements of horror in them. (see the list of horror-themed episodes below) Many of the villains of the series were also a bit "horrific" in nature, such as Solomon Grundy, Frankenstein and others.

List of horror-themed episodes

Super Friends (TV Series)


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